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Bandom Big Bang 2016

So it looks like there's enough interest to run another round, and most people seem okay with the overall way things are set up, so yay! If you took the time to answer the poll, thank you!

Some important things I wanted to bring up before posting the rules, and the sign-ups.

  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A DREAMWIDTH/LIVEJOURNAL ACCOUNT TO PARTICIPATE. I say this every year and people still aren't listening. You can comment without an account to the sign up post, and when it's time to post your header, one of the mods will be glad to do that for you.

    Let me say this again, because people keep telling me they can't participate because they don't have an Dreamwidth/Livejournal account: YOU DON'T NEED ONE. (An example of a header for someone who doesn't have a DW account is here.)

    Where you post your fanwork is totally up to you, but it can't be behind a wall of any sort (meaning you shouldn't have to sign up for an account somewhere to access the fanwork). Most people are posting their fanworks to the AO3, and we even have a collection set up there but that's totally up to you.

  • It is your responsibility to keep up with deadlines. We offer several methods over multiple platforms for people to stay informed; please use them: [ profile] bandombigbang, [ profile] bandombb, and this community.

    When signing up, you will need an email address that you actually check on a regular basis. We don't share email addresses with anyone except your co-creator, and when we send out group emails, everyone is bcc'd.

  • There is no penalty for dropping out. You sign up, and when the draft submission date approaches, you will need to evaluate yourself and your fanwork and decide if you are going to be able to finish in time for the final draft date.

    If you don't think you can finish in time, no problem. Just don't submit a draft. Better luck next time. If you think you can finish, submit your draft, and keep working. If you need to drop out because of RL, please please please let the mods know right away. The longer you wait, the harder it is to find a pinch hitter if necessary, and the less charitable the mods will feel toward you.

  • Help spread the word. Reblog. Write your own posts about how much you love BBB, rec some of your favorite fanworks from the challenge. Talk about stories you'd love to see. Help get the word out, so more people will participate (be it as a creator or as a consumer).

    Coming up next, the rules. <3

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