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Check In #1

Here is the first check in post, mirrored on our Tumblr.

This is an optional activity, with no deadlines. Answer now, answer later, or skip it completely.

No matter what kind of fanwork you're planning on creating for this challenge, at the heart of it is a story that you want to tell. And until you have an idea of what that story is, it's hard find the inspiration and creativity to start on your fanwork.

So that's the first step. Think about the story you want to tell. It can be detailed and specific (I want FOB as werewolves!) or more general (I want band-as-chosen-family FEELS!) You can tell more than one story, combining them into a sticky sweet concoction of trope-y goodness. You can have a theme, a idée fixe, a narrative kink.

Comment to this post, or reblog on Tumblr, and:

1. tell us what your favorite color is
2. tell us a little bit about the story (or stories, if you haven't settled on just one) you want to tell
3. comment to someone else's comment and cheer them on

You're not being graded; there is no wrong answer, because all answers are right.

Let's kickstart our creativity!

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