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Check In #2

Mirrored on our Tumblr.

This is an optional activity, with no deadlines. Answer now, answer later, or skip it completely.

Once you've confirmed your email, you should have received a link to a quick survey - if you haven't taken the time to answer the survey, please do. If you haven't received the link, please contact the mods at bandombigbang at gmail.

One of the questions on the survey is about productivity buddies, first readers, betas, cheerleaders, accountability partners, etc. So that's what this post is about.

If you are looking for someone to help you out, use this helpful template for you to cut and paste into the comments:

If you are interested in helping someone out (you do not have to be a participant in BBB, but it's fine if you are), surf through the comments and see if there's someone who you think you'd be compatible with. If you find someone, comment to them and get in touch with each other.

Please help spread this around; the more help and support creators get, the more likely they are to finish their project. And more finished projects means more bandom fanworks to enjoy. \o/

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