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Fanworks by aethel and akamine_chan

Primary Fanwork created by [ profile] aethel:

Title: Lyn-Z's Projekt Revolution Tour Diary
Format: art
Bands: Mindless Self Indulgence, My Chemical Romance
Size: 15 pages; 5 MB
Rating: General audiences
Warnings: none
A zine about BAMFs who are out of this
world. (Not actually a zine.)

Lyn-Z's Projekt Revolution Tour Diary

Complement Fanwork created by [ profile] akamine_chan:

Title: The Hesitant Alien / The Punk Rock Princess
Format: Mix
Pairings: implied Lindsey Ballato/Gerard Way
Size: 29 songs, 125 MB zipped file
Rating: NR
Warnings: Possible lyrical mentions of rape/non-con, suicide, self-harm, graphic violence, eating disorders, addiction, abuse.
A double album mix of songs to go with aethel's amazingly creative fanwork. For Gerard, I put together a mix of songs that not only evokes his alienness, but is also the music that drew him to Earth. For Lindsey, it's an album of women punk rockers.

The Hesitant Alien / The Punk Rock Princess

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