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My name is:
•DW/LJ: heartofthesunrise
•Twitter: -
•Tumblr: swiss-army-romance
•AO3: heartofthesunrise
•other: -

My pronouns are: they/them

My contributions to fandom include (reading, writing, art, podfic, etc): writing and some art
Link to my masterlist: my fics, my art, my reclist

I am a fan of these bands: MCR, Reggie and the Full Effect, Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, The Get Up Kids, Say Anything, The Academy Is..., Midtown, &c &c
My favorite people in these bands are: Ray Toro, Gerard Way, James Dewees, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Justin Pierre, Matt Pryor, Max Bemis, Sisky, The Butcher, Bill Beckett, Gabe Saporta
Relationships I ship within these bands are: lots, but i'm picky - if it's popular i'm probably not into it lol

I am willing to be a minion! (specify type): Very good to chat at, poke at you, do productivity sprints, really good for talking through plot snarls and enthusiasm slumps
I am in need of a minion! (specify type): Looking for someone to occasionally commiserate with when I'm in over my head. (I'm good at getting things done but there's always a fair amount of good-natured complaining involved - be my suffering buddy!)

A random fact about myself: I keep odd and early hours.
My hope for BBB is: To write something I would want to read!

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