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My name is:
•DW/LJ: -
•Twitter: -
•Tumblr: inventingsongs
•AO3: corruptedkid
•other: -

My pronouns are: she/her

My contributions to fandom include (reading, writing, art, podfic, etc): writing and some fanart
Link to my masterlist: my ao3

I am a fan of these bands: my chemical romance, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, mindless self indulgence, gerard's solo stuff, frank iero and the cellabration/patience, pvris, cobra starship, the front bottoms, marina and the diamonds... name a pop punk/fbr band and i probably listen to them lmao
My favorite people in these bands are: gerard, frank, patrick, pete, gabe, and pretty much everyone else
Relationships I ship within these bands are: frerard. i'd die for these two idiots

I am willing to be a minion! (specify type): i can do sprints or give any type of advice! feedback's my jam. seriously, if you need someone to rant at/motivate you/look your fic over or anything, don't hesitate to hit me up!
I am in need of a minion! (specify type): anybody who i can just chat with? i'm good at keeping myself on track but i always love to discuss stories and work out smaller bugs... and complain. i tend to wallow in Procrastination Hell before i sit down to write lol (i'm in eastern standard time btw)

A random fact about myself: my current desktop background is a picture of kobra kid
My hope for BBB is: to write something people enjoy and that i'm proud of.

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