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My name is:
•DW/LJ: trojie on DW (not frequently updated!)
•Twitter: @trojieface (locked - send me a message if you want to follow? Just so I know you're not like, one of my colleagues or something)
•Tumblr: trojieface for fanfic stuff, but main blog is wiwaxia (I try and keep the fanfic talk off that blog for the sake of innocent friends who aren't into filth!)
•AO3: trojie

My pronouns are: She/her

My contributions to fandom include (reading, writing, art, podfic, etc): reading, writing, beta-reading
Link to my masterlist: Trojie on AO3

I am a fan of these bands: My Chemical Romance mostly, (I'm new, be gentle with me, recommend me songs by others ...)
My favorite people in these bands are: You're asking me to choose between my CHILDREN but ... I guess I like writing from the POV of Ray best? That's the only way of discerning that I have.
Relationships I ship within these bands are: Anyone/Anyone in MCR, seriously. The second I specify a pairing as being one I don't like my asshole brain decides to give me a plotbunny about it.

I am willing to be a minion! (specify type): I can audience or beta-read! If you specifically want musical detail checked I am pretty okay at that?
I am in need of a minion! (specify type): Not looking for minions at this point in time but would like to make friends? *puppy-dog face*

A random fact about myself: I'm like a trainspotter but for guitars.
My hope for BBB is: To have a good time and get these stories finished!

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