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Check-in Post #3

Here is the third check in post, mirrored on our Tumblr.

This is an optional activity, with no deadlines. Answer now, answer later, or skip it completely.

Sooo, May is just about half over, and the draft deadline is looming rather scarily. June 1st is right around the corner, and I know a lot of people are not ready for the deadline. Are you?

We're thinking about pushing back the draft deadline by a month (and consequently the final deadline) - what do you think? Survey here. Let us know what your opinion is.

Otherwise, we hope your creation process is going smoothly, or at least as smoothly as possible.

Comment to this post, or reblog on Tumblr, and:

1. tell us about your favorite trope/narrative kink
2. tell us a little bit about the story (or stories, if you haven't settled on just one) you want to tell
3. comment to someone else's comment and cheer them on

Remember, you're not being graded; there is no wrong answer, because all answers are right.

Let's kick our creativity into gear!

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