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Drafts are due today. As long as it's still the 25th in Alofi, you're good.

If we don't get an email or a draft from you by the end of the 25th, we will assume that you've dropped out of Wave Three. There's no consequences for dropping out, no hard feelings Life happens, and we hope to see you around.

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Okay, folks, here we go. Everyone who was supposed to check in for art and mixes has checked in. Right now, there's only one summary that needs a pinch hit (either art or mix, or both) - if you are interested in helping out, shoot an email to bandombigbang at gmail.

Beyond that, there are three stories that don't have a mix and four stories that don't have any art, and it would be really nice if every story got a mix and art. So if you've finished your assignment, or you haven't snagged a claim, it's not too late. Art claims here, mix claims here.

Wave One final due date for authors, artists and mixers: July 20th
Posting will be happening July 23rd to July 27th

Wave Two final due date for podficcers, artists and mixers: July 25
Posting will happen July 28th

Any questions? Leave a comment.

Wave One!

Jun. 17th, 2014 04:33 pm
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Okay, so if you didn't manage to turn in your Wave One draft, don't despair. Wave Three is still a possibility. 10k minimum for the draft, drafts due on July 25th. The sign-up for Wave Three is here; sign ups close June 25th.

Claims post for Wave One artists and mixers goes up tonight at 8 P.M. EST. See you then!
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Drafts are due on Monday, June 16th. As long as it's still the 16th in Alofi, you're good.

If we don't get an email or a draft from you by the end of the 16th, we will assume that you've dropped out of Wave One. You might want to consider finishing up your story for Wave Three, instead. Either way, there's no consequences for dropping out, no hard feelings Life happens, and we hope to see you around.

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And wow, does that subject line really date me, or what?

Anyway there's a little over a week left until the rough draft due date. Which is Monday, June 16th. As long as it's still the 16th in Alofi, you're good.


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There are less than a dozen performers signed up for Wave Two and I know a few have had to drop out. And the deadline for podfic was yesterday, so let's try to get things going again.

At this point, you need to have a podfic rough draft done, which is a podfic that is at least 50% done or 1 hour completed. If you've managed to get that far on your BBB podfic, congrats. Send an email to bandombigbang at gmail with a screencap of the exported file in iTunes or the raw file in your recording software as proof.

Include a summary of the story - remember that this is so that artists and mixers can decide if they want to chose your podfic. If the story requires warnings, please include them in the summary.

Rough drafts are due today, Saturday May 31st. As long as it's still the 31st in Alofi, you're still good.

If you have to drop out, for whatever reason, don't feel bad. Life happens. If you want to send an email saying so, that's fine. But if we don't get some kind of communication from you by the end of today we will assume that you've dropped out. No hard feelings, bb. *hugs*

If you have other podfic issues not covered by this post, feel free to comment or email. The comments are screened.
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Sorry for the delay. The schedule for Wave One is going to be pushed back by exactly a month. So, the new schedule is:

Wave One: Fic, 20,000 words

Draft due: June 16th
Summaries for artist and mixer claims go up: June 17th
Check-in for artists and mixers: July 10th
Final fics, art, and mixes due: July 20th
Posting: July 23rd - July 28th

A post outlining the submission process will go up in a day or two. If you're still looking for a beta, leave a comment in the beta post or send an email to the mods (bandombigbang at gmail) and we'll see what we can do.

*cheers everyone on*


Jul. 27th, 2013 12:59 am
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Hey everyone! Due to RL, wave 3 snuck up on me a bit. Sorry for the lack of reminder posts!

However, in light of that, and in light of the fact that I have to work two 12 hour shifts this weekend and will not be online for claims, I have news!

Wave 3 drafts are now due at 11:59PM CST, Sunday, July 28, 2013. Claims will go up Monday afternoon.

This gives everyone about 42 more hours, ish.

If you are ready to turn your draft in, this post for wave 1 has all the information you need to know.

Happy writing!

(And if you want to spend the weekend working on your draft and resubmit by Monday, that is totally 100% fine. Just resubmit with all the info so we don't have to keep track of multiple e-mails per fic.)
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Hey everyone! This is your official LESS THAN A MONTH reminder:

Wave One drafts are due in 25 days, on Friday May 10.

Use this clock* to ensure that you're in on time.

Drafts must be 20,000 words with a beginning, middle, and end (ie, there must be enough of a plot and emotional arc for your mixer or artist to work from).

Remember that the list of mandatory warnings includes but is not limited to: rape/non-con, dub-con, incest, character death, suicide, self-harm, graphic violence, sexual content with a child (defined for our purposes as any person under 16 years old), eating disorders, addiction, & abuse (including child and domestic).

The mods reserve the right to require more warnings. Please err on the side of caution.

When your draft is ready, send it as an attachment to with the following information in the body of the email:
  • Author(s)
  • Author(s) email(s)
  • Band(s)
  • Pairing(s)
  • Rating
  • Warnings
  • Summary**

Writer sign ups will close tonight. Please send in your drafts ASAP so we can start building the summary post. It can't go up until all drafts are in and checked!

*Here's a time zone converter! Just 'search' for Alofi.
**This is not summary you have to post with your fic. Therefore, summaries for claiming are generally longer and more detailed than posting summaries and often give away plot elements to entice artists and mixers. For ideas, please see previous claims posts.

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