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Sorry for the delay. The schedule for Wave One is going to be pushed back by exactly a month. So, the new schedule is:

Wave One: Fic, 20,000 words

Draft due: June 16th
Summaries for artist and mixer claims go up: June 17th
Check-in for artists and mixers: July 10th
Final fics, art, and mixes due: July 20th
Posting: July 23rd - July 28th

A post outlining the submission process will go up in a day or two. If you're still looking for a beta, leave a comment in the beta post or send an email to the mods (bandombigbang at gmail) and we'll see what we can do.

*cheers everyone on*
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So, this mod's life pretty much imploded and melted down into a big puddle of goo. Massive apologies for disappearing for so long.

At this point, we're running behind - Wave One writer sign-ups were supposed to close two days ago and rough drafts for Wave One are due in a month.

I just want a quick count of how many people are on schedule and how many are not even close. If it seems like there are a lot of people who would benefit from having more time, we may push back the schedule for Wave One.

Poll #15243 On the road again...
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 16

Wave One writers: Will you have a 20k+ word draft by May 16th?

View Answers

Yes, certainly.
4 (25.0%)

Yes, if I get some help.
3 (18.8%)

Maybe, with luck.
8 (50.0%)

Uh, I don't think so.
1 (6.2%)

Fuck, no. I don't even have an idea yet.
1 (6.2%)

Ticky ticky ticky!
4 (25.0%)

Wha? Sorry, I was distracted by Patrick Stump.
6 (37.5%)

I have questions/concerns that I will enumerate in the comments.
1 (6.2%)

If you are waffling about signing up as a Wave One writer, now is definitely the time to commit one way or the other. We will close the sign-ups next Thursday, April 24th. And keep an eye on the comm; we'll be putting up resource type posts soon. \o/
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Friday, 8/23/13#18, #16, #01
Saturday, 8/24/13#03, #02, #04
Sunday, 8/25/13#07, #24, #11
Monday, 8/26/13#32, #15, #17
Tuesday, 8/27/13#06, #12, #08
Wednesday, 8/28/13#27, #26
Thursday, 8/29/13#09, #31, #30
Friday, 8/30/13#05, #19, #25
Saturday, 8/31/13#10, #21, #23
Sunday, 9/1/13#28, #13, #22
Monday, 9/2/13#20, #29, #14

- Numbers refer to summary numbers in the claims post

- If you're available to pinch hit, please let us know here. We're good! And all of you are GREAT. ♥

- If you see a problem--repeated numbers or we've assigned you to a day when you're on a deserted island without internet access--please let us know ASAP!
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Programming notes: sign ups for wave 3 authors close tomorrow! Also, please check out the betas sought/offered post if you have time to do a last minute read over for someone.

Posting schedule: You guys have been by far the best BBB group EVER, and as this mod had to go to the hospital yesterday, we greatly appreciate you!!

Last year we had a request that the posting schedule be posted to the community at large. We thought that was a pretty great idea, if just because maybe y'all will breathe a little easier while we organize the posting date e-mails. ;) So here it is! The numbers refer to the summary numbers in the claims posts.

Friday, June 21#7, #18, #17
Saturday, June 22#2, #6, #3
Sunday, June 23#10, #19, #11
Monday, June 24#1, #13, #5
Tuesday, June 25#12, #14, #4
Wednesday, June 26#15, #8, #16
Thursday, June 27#20, #21, #9

If you see a problem--repeated numbers or we've assigned you to a day when you're on a deserted island without internet access--please let us know ASAP!
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Hey everyone! Based on the number of fics that are planning to post during Wave 1, we've decided to shorten the posting period to June 21-27. That should give us about 3 fics a day! :)

We hope that having a longer break between waves 1 and 2 will ease the pressure on wave 2 participants, and give everyone more time to read, listen, view, and leave feedback. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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