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In order to provide a wider pool of fic choices for podficcers, we've tweaked the way that Wave 2 works. When sign-ups open on January 31, there will be a list of authors who participated in the 2012 and 2013 Bandom Big Bangs and who either have blanket permission to podfic or have opted-in to have their stories available for podficcing.

Podficcers can choose to podfic:
  1. A story from the 2012 or 2013 Bandom Big Bang challenge in which the author has opted-in;
  2. A story from an author who participated in the 2012 or 2013 Bandom Big Bang challenge and is listed on a blanket permission to podfic list;
  3. Any story that is more than 10k words, meets the character requirements of this challenge, and the author has given permission to the podficcer.

The fine print )

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

We will see you next week for sign-ups!
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Welcome to Bandom Big Bang 2014!

Please give a round of applause for your newest mod team: [personal profile] akamine_chan, [personal profile] lucifuge5, [personal profile] romantical, [personal profile] dapatty, [personal profile] chimneythunder, [personal profile] happilyappled and [personal profile] wenchpixie.

Hello everyone! We hope you are ready for this round of Bandom Big Bang.

This year we're not focusing on making any big changes, but instead we're trying to find ways to increase participation in all aspects of the challenge. So please help us out by spreading the word (we have some nifty banners for signal boosting). We want to make this an awesome year for Bandom Big Bang.

Much of this post is cribbed from last year (thanks, awesome past mods!), but there are some new things we've brought for this year's round. Please read the entire post if you are interested in participating in Bandom Big Bang 2014.

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Hey guys!

Everyone's been so fabulous this year about emailing us their materials early or about problems, especially this wave it seems, and we so appreciate it! And now it's time for some announcements/reminders before the Wave 3 due date. (Try to keep an eye on this post and/or [ profile] bandombigbang in case things change!)

- Claims are now closed, so we've removed all the struck through text and disabled comments on the claims posts. If you need to reach us, email us!

- It looks like we won't need pinch hitters this wave, IN THEORY, but it's close enough we'd like to hear from you if you're able/willing/interested. Please leave a comment here with the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Art or mix?
  4. Bands you WILL NOT work with
  5. Content and/or warnings you WILL NOT work with
Pinch hits will be assigned based on this information, and you will have at least one week to create.

- ALL MATERIALS (fics, mixes, and art) are due AUGUST 19 using this clock.

- Actual posting dates will be some time between August 22 and September 8 and will be announced to the community as soon as all fics are in.

- After all materials for a certain summary are in, we will assign a posting date and send an email to all relevant participants with your date and posting information.

Please read the guidelines for submission to make the process as smooth as possible.Read more... )

Questions? Shoot us an email!
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Attention everyone, your podfic(s), mix(es), and art(s) are all due in two days! IE, as long as it is Sunday, July 14 in Alofi, you are good to go.

Podficcers, the posting period is July 15-21. If you have any days you can not post, let us know when you turn in your podfic!

Behind the cut you will find your submission guidelines for podfic, mixes, and/or art. Read more... )

That's about it! Any questions? Shoot us an e-mail or leave a comment!
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1. If you've claimed for mix or art, you can claim another once you've turned in your piece. Both mixers and artists can claim up to five fics.

2. [ profile] bandombigbang is where we will make quick announcements. If you don't use twitter, try [syndicated profile] bbbtwitter_feed, which we created with It should work, but it will be on a delay.

3. Those things said, double and triple claiming is open on mixes, and we're close to doing it on art!

4. We are ONE WEEK away from check-in for Wave 1 mixers and artists, as well as check-in for podficcers!
  • For Wave 1 creators, we will be sending an email out.
  • For podficcers, we need proof that it is 50% or 1 hour completed by Friday, June 7 if you want to be eligible for art or a mix. Otherwise, we'll see you at posting in July. :)
5. 2.5 weeks until all wave 1 materials (fics, mixes, AND art) are due on June 17!
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Welcome to Bandom Big Bang 2013!

Hello from our new home on Dreamwidth! Much of this post is the same as last year, but there are some very important changes. Please read the entire post if you are interested in participating in Bandom Big Bang 2013.

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