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Primary Fanwork created by[personal profile] porphyrophobiac :

Title: Bet On Forgetting Your Regrets
Format: Fic
Bands: Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Brendon/Ryan, Pete/Patrick (background), Brendon/OMCs (past)
Size: 30746
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Unhealthy past relationships (mentioned only), past relationship with convicted killer (mentioned only), rape/murder (mentioned only, not of major characters) homophobia within religion.
Cue pole-dancing, drag queens, one night stands, Breaking Bad marathons and a couple of broken ribs.

Bet On Forgetting Your Regrets

Complement Fanwork created by teaplatypus embedded in fic:

Format: Digital Art
1.2 MB

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Primary Fanwork created by: [personal profile] momiji_neyuki

TitleGerry Dangerously


Bands: My Chemical Romance

Pairings:Frank Iero/Gerard Way



Warnings: Graphic violence

Gerard Way grew up in a poor, but loving family. His mother did the best she could to raise Gerard and his little brother Mikey the right way. Gerard was a good kid and always listened to his mother, staying out of trouble, but when illness befalls her, Gerard will do what it takes to help her out...even if it means changing his name and his life.

Gerry Dangerously

Complement Fanwork created by: [personal profile] actiongerard, and [personal profile] psychoticbeauty

Title:Gerry Dangerously Soundtrack


Size:10 Songs~54.54 MB

Click Image To Download
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Primary Fanwork (fic) created by Inlovewithnight:

Title: burned, about to burn, or still on fire
Creator: inlovewithnight
Bands: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Cobra Starship
Pairings: Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Canonical mental health issues and drug/alcohol abuse
Summary: Sex, drugs, rock & roll, psychic abilities, and a few shapeshifting dragons.

(Or: Gabe is a dragon, Pete is his treasure, and Mikey is a pyrokinetic who lights his fire. From New Jersey pop-punk to rehab and starting over, they orbit each other.)

burned, about to burn, or still on fire (AO3)

Complement Fanwork created by Syrupwit:

flame upon flame upon flame (fanmix)

Title: flame upon flame upon flame
Complement Creator: syrupwit
Primary Creator: inlovewithnight
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Addiction, substance abuse, mental illness in song lyrics
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Primary Fanwork created by ActionGerard:

Title: Seventh Haven Prison
Format: Fic
Bands: Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Gerard Way/Frank Iero
Size: 27, 935 Words
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Violence, Abuse
When Patrick accepts an unusual offer from millionaire banker Gerard Way, he expects his life to change. What he doesn't expect is to spend months on end trapped in Gerard's cavernous mansion, his only companion a man named Pete hired by Gerard to keep Patrick from escaping. But Patrick and Pete may not be alone in the mansion, and a secret from Gerard's past may be more horrifying than either of them suspects.

AO3 Seventh Haven Prison

Complement Fanwork created by PsychoticBeauty:

Title: Like A Knife - (SVP OST)
Format: Mix
Size: 10 Songs, 62 MB

Click on the image to download
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Primary Fanwork created by whatimages:

Title: how the future's done
Format: fic
Bands: fall out boy
Pairings: pete wentz/patrick stump
Rating: e
Warnings: none
When Patrick decides to undertake raising a child by himself, Pete offers to help out, and Patrick moves in.The new baby brings more changes than they were anticipating, and amidst sleepless nights and the daily chaos of family life, they might just fall in love.

Read @ AO3

Complement Fanwork created by melusina
Format: mix

1. Long Time Coming - Saints of Valory
2. Knock Knock - Never Shout Never
3. Dimming of the Day - Richard & Linda Thompson
4. When You Dream - Barenaked Ladies
5. A Daydream Away - All Time Low
6. Here at the Right Time - Josh Ritter
7. Caught with a Smile on My Face - The Jayhawks
8. Love You Madly - Cake
9. Love They Say - Tegan and Sara
10. Question - Rhett Miller
11. You Always Make Me Smile - Kyle Andrews
12. I Do I Do - Charlie Mars

Download | Stream
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Primary Fanwork created by Tigress33:

Title: When We Get Home, I Know We Won't Be Home At All (This Place We Live, It Is Not Where We Belong)
Format: Fic
Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, assorted
Pairings: Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, One-Sided Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz(/Mikey Way), Frank Iero/Gerard Way<
Size: 69k
Rating: M
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Sexual Content (once), Death of Minor Characters
Summary: Bob grew up in the political scene of Chicago with his best friend, Patrick - aka the love of Bob's life since childhood. Years have gone by since Bob last saw Patrick, who married and ran off to live in a small town in what is commonly referred to as the Wild West. Now, Patrick needs Bob, a bounty hunter living in the slums of Chicago, to help deal with a problem that Patrick and his small town can't handle on their own. Bob's never been able to deny his best friend a thing, so he packs up and he and his companion, Parade, set off for the small town of Northern Downpour to deal with Patrick's problem: the outlaw ex-sheriff Pedicone. There's more going on than anyone could at first suspect and Bob, after unwillingly becoming a temporary sheriff in a long string of temporary sheriffs', has to deal with a lot more than a minor outlaw picking on a little town. Now Bob must discover how to save a town he never wanted to save, deal with his unrequited feeling for Patrick and the guilt that Pete knows and still accepts and loves Bob as Patrick's best friend, a red headed outlaw pissing off the rich asshole who owns the ranch most of the town's population works on, two deputies who prefer to goof around instead of do paperwork, a circuit judge with only one stop on his circuit and a mild distaste of Bob, and his dragon's fucking flirting with the other dragons. He never should have left Chicago.
When We Get Home, I Know We Won't Be Home At All (This Place We Live, It Is Not Where We Belong)

Complement Fanwork created by Teigh:

Title: Both Feet And That Winding Knee
Format: Mix
Bands: Assorted
Size: 20 songs

Blacklisted - Neko Case
Madrin Rain - The Pogues
TchavoloSwing - The Hot Club of Cowtown
Leaving/Caper/Spaceball - Greg Edmonson
River Waltz - Cowboy Junkies
Trenches - Patrick Doyle
Bodhran - Young Dubliners
Love Pipe - The Red Elvises
Ain't No Easy Way - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Counting the Stars - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Doolin Dalton [instrumental] - The Eagles
This Is Going to Hurt - Hans Zimmer
A Hard One to Know - Ben Gibbard
Sacred Funeral - The Red Elvises
I Fought the Law - The Clash
Rage and Serenity - Henry Jackman
Home - Robert Kral
The Wood Song - Indigo Girls
Mr. Fox In the Fields - Alexandre Desplat
Northern Downpour (alternate version) - Panic! At The Disco

Download Link

Both Feet And That Winding Knee
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Primary Fanwork created by romantical/romanticalgirl:

Title: Fault Lines to Your Own Front Door
Format: Fic
Bands: The Academy Is...
Pairings: Mike Carden/Courtney Beckett, William Beckett/Christine Bandy
Size: 30,767 words
Rating: R
Warnings: None
It's one thing to fall in love with a girl. It's another thing completely to fall in love with your best friend's sister

Fault Lines to Your Own Front Door

Complement Fanwork created by [personal profile] general_jinjur:

Title: slip, heave, throw
Format: Mix

slip, heave, throw
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Primary Fanwork created by [archiveofourown.org profile] SunshineAndRoseWater ([personal profile] vonraphael):

Title: They Fall Like Acid Rain

Format: Fic

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy

Pairings: Mikey Way/Brian Schechter, Gerard Way/Frank Iero

Size: 20,090 words

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Major character death, minor character death, alcohol abuse, violence

With their leader missing the Killjoys start falling apart. That is until Brian comes to them with news of a new threat in the Zones, something BLI is calling "Annihilators." Mikey, lost without Gerard, has turned to drinking to cope. It all changes when he comes face to face with one of the Annihilators and survives. With the help of Frank, Ray, and his on-again off-again boyfriend Brian, Mikey sobers up and prepares to face the most dangerous threat they've ever seen.
A sequel to my Bandom Big Bang 2014 story “On Dust Storms of Rebellion.”

They Fall Like Acid Rain

Complement Fanwork created by [personal profile] dapatty:

Title: They Fall Like Acid Rain Cover, piece #1 and piece #2

Format: Graphic Art

Bands: MCR and FOB

Size: 3 art pieces in the format 600x400

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Vague spoilers for the story, but nothing blatant. Totally safe for work images.

Art for They Fall Like Acid Rain
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Primary Fanwork created by [personal profile] doctor_jasley:

Title: Curled Amongst Memories of Home
Format: Fic
Bands: Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Cobra Starship
Pairings: Brendon/Gabe, Brendon/Frank, pre-Brendon/Frank/Gabe
Size: 21,435
Rating: R
Warnings: Con artists, stealing, open relationships, implied memory manipulation of ocs
Brendon’s an excellent counterfeiter drifting through cities and towns alike. When he meets Frank, it’s a match made in con artist heaven. Frank’s specialty is a little more undefinable, but it makes for an easy exit when the people they’re scamming don’t remember being ripped off.

Things are smooth, even with Brendon’s ever constant crush on Frank periodically popping up, until they run into Gabe at a club one night. Gabe’s a natural at charming the crowd and that aggravates Frank. Brendon’s more impressed than anything else.

After that moment, things slowly begin to change.

Curled Amongst Memories of Home

Complement Fanwork created by [personal profile] chibifukurou:

Title: A trip to Rock City
Format: Graphic Art
Bands: My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco
Pairings: Frank Iero/Brendon Urie
Size: Cover Piece
Rating: G
Warnings: No warnings apply
Art for Curled Amongst the Memories of Home by Doctor_Jasley.

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Primary Fanwork created by [personal profile] dapatty:

Title: Séance Weather
Format: Podfic
Bands: My Chemical Romance
\Size: 2 hours, 6 minutes
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Use of sound effects in the third part. Children in mild peril of their own making and also includes a brief scene where children consume alchohol under parental supervision.
(Author's) It all begins with the worst storm in fifty years. Or, in other words, how Frank meets the Ways and learns to embrace the dark side. An Addams Family AU.

AO3 | Audiofic Archive

Complement Fanwork created by [personal profile] fisa_is_your_friend:

Title: Séance Weather
Format: Mix
Size: 15 songs, 87 MB

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Primary Fanwork created by [personal profile] daniomalley:

Title: Absence Sort of Does Make the Heart, by Cimorene
Format: Podfic
Bands: MCR
Pairings: Ray/Bob
Size: 3 hours 15 minutes, 179 MB
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Explicit sex
Set in 2003 and 2004. Bob goes up to Jersey in the gap between tours to check out the scene. And also to check out this guy he met...

Download the podfic here. Masterpost on LJ masterpost on AO3

Complement Fanwork created by [personal profile] lucifuge5:

Title: Confessions of a Snarky Dude
Format: Fanmix
Size: 12 songs, 76 MB

Confessions of a Snarky Dude
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Primary Fanwork created by [personal profile] syrupwit:

Title: Creature of the Night
Format: Fanmix
Bands: None specified, but My Chemical Romance is the only band whose music appears in the mix and the one that was considered most while putting this together.
Pairings: None specified, though the existence of a romantic pairing is heavily implied.
Size: 46 tracks + bonus (224MB)
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Death, murder, addiction (alcohol abuse), non-graphic violence, and blood mention in song lyrics. Possible implications of domestic/relationship violence depending on your interpretation. Implications of stalking and obsessive, one-sided romantic interest. Gratuitous angst about being a monster who ~can't help~ hurting people.
This is a collection of songs about monsters: literal and figurative monsters, teenage and don't-ask-how-old-I-am monsters, implied monsters and explicit monsters, lo-fi monsters and hi-fi monsters, cheesy B-movie monsters and serious grimdark monsters, repentant monsters, exultant monsters, infatuated monsters, lonely monsters, monsters who are creepy and monsters who are not creepy, and monsters pursued in private planes by early rock'n'roll legend Bo Diddley. The story arc concerns a monster who stalks the night, falls in love, and experiences heartbreak.

Download at Dropbox | Stream at 8tracks | Tracklist, Notes, & Rationales | Link on AO3

Complement Fanwork created by [archiveofourown.org profile] SunshineAndRoseWater/[personal profile] vonraphael:

Title: The Sun In My Eyes
Format: Fic
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Mikey Way/Ray Toro, Gerard Way/Frank Iero
Size: 8,008 words
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Minor violence
“Mikey, I don’t know how to tell you this, but your girlfriend’s a vampire.”

Mikey pulls his hands away from his face, staring at Gerard in disbelief. “How high are you right now?”

Read The Sun In My Eyes on Archive of Our Own

Complement Fanwork created by [archiveofourown.org profile] romanticalgirl/[personal profile] romantical:

Title: A Clue Too Many Monsters
Format: Fic
Bands: The Academy Is..., My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Panic! at the Disco
Pairings: Gen
Size: 5,452 words
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Four bands, four monsters, zany adventures, but not a single Scooby Snack

Read A Clue Too Many Monsters on Archive of Our Own

[personal profile] sundrowned
Primary Fanwork created by Sundrowned:

Title: Hand in Mine, Into Your Icy Blues
Format: Fanfic
My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Used
Gerard Way/Frank Iero
28,000 words
Physical abuse between peers, Emotional abuse between parent and child
Gerard is the captain of the hockey team and his overbearing father is
the coach. When a new boy named Frank joins the team, Gerard has to decide
weather to follow his father's orders to stay away from the boy or choose his
own path.

Hand in Mine, Into Your Icy Blues

Complement Fanwork created by Winterlover:

Art for "Hand in mine, into your icy blues" by Sundrowned
graphic art
My Chemical Romance
Gerard Way/Frank Iero
10 images, all 800x700 or smaller
Teen And Up Audiences
blood in one of the pictures; image-heavy; my explanations and the pictures contain spoilers, so you might want to read the story first.
Art for Sundrowned's story "Hand in mine, into your icy blues" for Wave One of Bandom Big Bang 2015.

Art for "Hand in mine, into your icy blues" by Sundrowned
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Primary Fanwork created by [personal profile] coricomile:

Title: These Hands (if not gods)
Format: Fic
Bands: Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Patrick Stump/Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness
Size: 20,000 Words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Torchwood-typical violence.
When the stage collapses in on itself in the middle of a show in Cardiff, Patrick finds himself separated from his band and thrust into the the hands of Ianto Jones, the stuffy receptionist from the tourist office he visited earlier, and into the path of mutated slugs the size of a house.

Who the hell are Ianto and Jack, and what the hell is Torchwood?

These Hands (if not gods)

Complement Fanwork created by [personal profile] concinnity:

Title: C.V.E
Format: Mix
Size: 11 Songs
I was happy to create a mix coricomile’s BBB 2015 fic “These Hands (if not gods)!”

In the fic, Patrick takes a weekend away from the band and ends up having a lot of adventures with Ianto and Jack from Torchwood before returning to his everyday life. I wanted the mix to reflect the general story arc as well as the unfamiliarity of the situation for Patrick. To that end, many of the bands are Welsh, and a few are directly from Cardiff. I learned a lot about Welsh musical history along the way!

Oh, and C.V.E. stands for Charged Vacuum Emboitment, which should make sense as you read the story.

*Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Stereophonics, Y Bandana Siwgwr, Slowly Rolling Camera, Kizzy Crawford, & Sibrydion are all Wales-based

turlough: Gerard Way in front of a big, golden dragon, art by me ((mcr art) those who favour fire)
[personal profile] turlough
Primary Fanwork created by turlough:

Title: Those Who Favour Fire
Format: graphic art
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: MCR GSF
Size: Four works in the format 1680x1050
Rating: SFW
Warnings: n/a
Summary: thumbnail of all four works

Those Who Favour Fire

Complement Fanwork created by Turps:

Title: Burn Ever Bright
Format: written story
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Mikey Way/Gerard Way, Ray Toro/Frank Iero, eventual Mikey Way/Gerard Way/Frank Iero/Ray Toro
Size: c.20,000 words
Rating: R
Warnings: Death of an OC
Summary: When Gerard isn't selected by a dragon he thinks his life is over - he's wrong.
It turns out his life has only just started.

Burn Ever Bright

Complement Fanwork created by Tigress33:

Title: Older Than Water, Stubborn As Stone
Format: written story
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: None
Size: c.25,000 words
Rating: M
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Thoughts of Suicide, Implied Drug Abuse, Family Abandonment
Summary: History, Gerard - and every kid like him - had learned from a young age, was important. From the very first moment the first Twain set joined claw and foot on earth, to the seconds leading up to the current moment in time - every bit of it was vital to the success of those Chosen.

Older Than Water, Stubborn As Stone
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Welcome to the sign up post for people wanting to participate in Wave One, either as a primary or complement creator!

Here is a reminder of the schedule and requirements:

Sign ups open: January 31st
Primary rough drafts due: March 21st (fanworks must be 80% complete)
Primary claims period: March 22nd to March 29th
Primary and complement final drafts due: May 18th
Posting: May 25th to May 31st

Primary Minimum Requirements
Fic: 20,000 words
Podfic: 20,000 words (cover art optional)
Mix: 40 songs + track list and write up (cover art optional)
Art/Crafts: something you've spent 40-60 hours on
Vid: 4 minutes

Complement Minimum Requirements
Fic: 5,000 words
Podfic: 5,000 words (cover art optional)
Mix: 10 songs + track list and write up (cover art optional)
Art: something you've spent 20-30 hours on
Vid: 1 minute

Please make sure you have read the rules and the FAQ before signing up. By signing up, you are agreeing to follow the challenge rules. Please direct any questions or concerns to that post or to bandombigbang at gmail dot com.

Sign up with the username you will use throughout the challenge and your email address. If you are planning to create more than one fanwork (e.g., one solo and one with a collaborator, or one fic and one art, please make sure that each sign up is a separate comment).

Here is a helpful template for you to cut and paste into the comments:

You should receive an email within a couple of days of signing up. Please responding simply by hitting reply. We just want to ensure that emails are getting through to everyone. If after two days you haven't received an email, please check your spam before notifying the mods.
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Under the cut you will find 14 amazing fic with accompanying awesome mixes and art. Please take the time to leave a comment (or a kudo) with the creators if you enjoyed their work.

Wave One )
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Title: The Academy Was...
Author: [livejournal.com profile] volrosso
Band(s): Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairing(s): William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, Frank Iero/Mikey Way
Word Count: 20,282
Rating: T
Warning(s): Graphic violence

00.01: Appreciably enhanced sense of foresight. Excels at everything he tries, particularly the arts and leadership. Mildly aloof. My favourite.
00.02: A spoiled brat. Shows admirable knowledge of his power of hypnosis- as illustrated by the constant trouble his siblings get into.
00.03: Insufferable, narcissistic creature, but incredibly useful. Made it rain in the study, notes are soaked and illegible.
00.04: Development of psychic abilities stunted by fretful, morbid temperament. Inexplicable resemblance to a girl I knew once.
00.05: Disappeared several days ago. No great loss.
00.06: Gruesome but fascinating. Easily manipulated due to naive nature.
00.07: No discernible talents. Some enthusiasm for music, but mediocre skill- can hardly work his way through a proper riff. Utterly useless.

The Academy Was...

Inspired Works


Two pieces by [personal profile] truthismusic. Warning for blood.


Download at Blood Ties, mixer's post by [personal profile] fisa_is_your_friend
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[personal profile] ladyfoxxx
Title: The Truth About Patrick
Author: [personal profile] ladyfoxxx
Band(s): Fall Out Boy
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick, Pete/Patrick/Mikey
Word Count: 23 630 words
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Lies and deception, self confidence issues.
Pete Wentz is a fashion mogul with a brand new music label who gets an earful of struggling artist Patrick Stump's demo and wants to sign him. Except when he asks to see a photo of Patrick, Patrick sends him a picture of his hot roommate Mikey Way instead.

An AU based on the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

on AO3

Inspired Works

Four Incredible Pieces by [personal profile] heyhoolou

Lost and Found by [personal profile] truthismusic

Fall Into These Arms (on 8tracks | on mediafire) by [personal profile] neelacuda
doctor_jasley: Gabe (Gabe)
[personal profile] doctor_jasley
Title: For Everything That It's Worth
Author: [personal profile] doctor_jasley
Band(s): Cobra Starship, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairing(s): Frank/Gabe/Brendon
Word Count: 30k
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): action movie depictions/embellishments of: violence, science, and computer technology, polyamory, spies, shadowy non-government spy institutions, oc character death, shadowy anti-non-governmental terrorist organizations, kidnapping of background characters
Frank, Gabe, and Brendon have settled into being the Department’s Search and Rescue crew with ease. It’s an adventure they navigate on the days they’re not busy dealing with disgruntled Lab technicians and the daily grind of working for a covert agency. Gabe has a life he enjoys and a private relationship he couldn’t be happier with.

That’s all well and good until S&R ends up with a fourth member. One who has his own issues and baggage. Spencer’s not horrible, if maybe a bit too attached to his Department manual. But eventually they’ll break him of that. Maybe. If something irreversible doesn’t happen first.(A sequel to Never Wanted to Save the World)

For Everything That It's Worth

Inspired Works

Epic Art by [livejournal.com profile] sunraindownonme

International Professionals by [personal profile] morganya

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