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"Wait, if you're here, where's our Frank?" Gerard interrupts.

"Isn't it like, a rule that you aren't supposed to go back in time and meet yourself?" Ray says. "Or forward, I guess."

They're both glaring at him suspiciously, like he somehow killed his future self. He can't do that, right? Unless he like, canceled his future self out by suddenly existing or something. He didn't see any other Frank around, unless he was like, hiding under the bed or something.

"He was only in there for a second!" Mikey says. "So how is he even here in the first place?"

"Yeah," Frank says wildly. "But you remember me coming back, and I'm still around, I mean, I was till now, so that means I'll go back soon and everything will be normal again. Right?"

- [archiveofourown.org profile] auctorial's Too bad I don't remember a thing

Pokemon Go post!

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:32 pm
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A month since my last post isn't so bad! I went to Disneyland at the tail end of an event and lucky egg'd while walking around in Downtown Disney, so I did a couple major evolutions. And then I leveled while I was there, and played in the gyms...really, I can't imagine I'll have so eventful a time by the end of the year as I did in the one week I was in SoCal.

The details. )

Writing, maybe

Oct. 15th, 2017 06:36 pm
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 So I missed the deadline for Yuletide sign ups by a few hours  last week -- I didn't join in last year, but I wanted to this year, because I haven't written anything in a while and feel like I need to stretch those muscles, you know?

So, instead, I think I might do Nanowrimo?  At least, unofficially.  

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Oct. 15th, 2017 09:06 am
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Nanna isn't doing well at the moment.

cut for talk of imminent death )

ETA: I got a call and she's gone.

Nanna Rosie, I love you so so much.


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Oct. 14th, 2017 09:05 am
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I did get a dress, and we picked up James' tux the other day, so we're pretty much set now. If you're interested, I posted the dress on insta here. Not the best of photos, and I need to decide what to do in terms of hair styles, but you get the idea.

Kayleigh had a lovely birthday, but when she got there the staff told her the room was haunted, so her and her gf spent the night expecting to see ghosts and saying they were going to sleep in the car. Apparently the room we'd chosen for them has been featured on Most Haunted, and the hotel itself left an A4 sheet of paper talking about the supposed hauntings. But they did stay -- and slept in the bed -- so all was well.

We went to see The Snowman yesterday, and like many films lately, I enjoyed it much more than I expected.

bandom fanmix: Turn That Cherry Out

Oct. 12th, 2017 09:19 pm
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In other Bandom Big Bang news, I made a complement fanmix for aethel's podfic of the Frank/Gerard sexswap fic Wake Up and Notice. It has female artists, references to cunnilingus, and cheesy sexual innuendo.

Wednesday Reading!

Oct. 11th, 2017 12:23 pm
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Me before my vacation: I'll have so much time in the car to read! I'm so excited. Even if I don't read, I can watch a lot of TV. And even if nothing happens on the road, I can do some reading in line for rides.

Me on the road: [sleeps a lot because of medication, has to deal with screaming kids when awake]

Me at the park: [almost never alone, absolutely exhausted when I am]

Me after vacation: ...oh well.

I did still make some progress on books in the last couple weeks, though.

Books. Talk of fat shaming, rape. )

In other news, I'm going to try to put up a Pokemon Go post in the next couple days. I did a lot of playing on the trip, and it was a delight!

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Oct. 10th, 2017 04:33 pm
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I'm so glad James finishes his set of days today. Normally the early starts don't bother me, but I've been dragging the last two days. We were even in bed by 9 last night, and I had a good sleep, but still feel like I need more.

Tomorrow is, must buy a dress day, so we're off to Metrocentre first thing. I've tried some on, now it's making a decision and checking out underwear as it's pointless getting the strapless dress if I can't get a bra to go with it. We also need to pick up James' tux. We ended up just buying in the end as hiring would have only been a little cheaper, plus they couldn't adjust the arms. This way he's got a suit tailored to fit him, which will look so much better.

I often dream about Camp Sparkle people, and last nights merits a mention simply because dream!me asked dream!Sperrywink if she'd beta for me. Which isn't unusual, what was though was I'd apparently written something 500k long, and had given her the first half to beta, with the second half being sent the next day. I just wish I knew what fandom/story it was. It could have been a sign for the future!

It's Kayleigh's birthday on Thursday. It was also my nephews on Sunday and my other nephews on Friday -- stupid birthday clusters! Kayleigh loves animals and phoned to ask if on her birthday we could go on a family day out to a safari park where you can feed giraffes. Which would be great, but mam's booked her a surprise stay in Lumley Castle on her birthday. She's gone all out with extras to the room, but put Kayleigh off by saying she didn't want to go on her trip, couldn't sit that long, why would she want to feed a giraffe etc, which of course made Kayleigh angry as she thought mam was doing her usual thing of spoiling occasions. In the end mam had to tell her she'd arranged something, but not what. Surprises, they really have the potential to blow up in your face.

I need go start something for tea now, but tonight is about relaxing, a long bath while reading Musketeer fic, a face mask, hair washed and conditioned, and then Bake Off. I've also got my eye on the BBB posted stories but I suspect they'll be left for a bit later.

Bandom Big Bang Complement 2017

Oct. 10th, 2017 03:22 am
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I’ll be honest, when I first started reading @personalized_radio’s story heavydirty, I thought I might just make a mix of a bunch of stalker songs, but the story is so gripping and suspenseful and so so well written that I knew I had to try and make a mix that would do it justice. Some of these songs correlate with specific scenes, but a couple of them just sum up the general feeling of the story.

Album art graphic:

be mine mix.jpg

1. You Always Make Me Smile - Kyle Andrews

2. Lime St.- Neck Deep                                      12. Back Against the Wall- Cage the Elephant

3. Must Land Running- Stepdad 13. Bones- MsMr

4. Living Room- Tegan and Sara 14. No Easy Way Out- Kid Astray

5. The Weekend- Modern Baseball 15. People Watching- Air Traffic Controller

6. Breezeblocks- alt-J   16. Heavy Dirty Soul- Twenty One Pilots

7. Every Breath You Take- The Police 17. Goner- Twenty One Pilots

8. Vagabond- Misterwives 18. Run- AWOLNATION

9. Control- Halsey 19. I Will Possess Your Heart- Death Cab for Cutie

10. Old Wounds- PUP   20. Safe and Sound- Capital Cities

11. Spiteful Intervention- of Montreal 21. Better Together- Jack Johnson

Find the mix on 8tracks or download here!

There are MAJOR spoilers in this write up, so read at your own risk

1. You Always Make Me Smile - Kyle Andrews

This always makes me think of happy joshler, especially with how domestic they are in the beginning

2. Lime St.- Neck Deep

This is definitely about Tyler missing Josh

3. Must Land Running- Stepdad

I was thinking of this song when reading the part where Tyler feels like someone is chasing him after work, especially the kinda suspenseful beginning to this song.

4. Living Room- Tegan and Sara

A soft approach to stalking. The readers first get the sense that maybe someone is watching Tyler, maybe it’s that weird neighbor of his?

5. The Weekend- Modern Baseball

aka Tyler loves his friends

6. Breezeblocks- alt-J

This song stood out to me because of how creepy the lyrics are but the song is so catchy. It really fits this story because its so unsettling and yet you can’t stop reading it!

7. Every Breath You Take- The Police

I’m sorry I had to, okay? It’s the most iconic stalker song! so just sit back and enjoy the 80’s jam

8. Vagabond- Misterwives

Tyler really misses Josh and he knows he should tell him about the stuff that’s happening but he can’t

9. Control- Halsey

Byron is really starting to scare Tyler and Bob’s warning that he’s stalking him keeps ringing in his head. This song is just the right amount of creepy and paranoid that it fits perfectly

10. Old Wounds- PUP

I’ll admit, when Byron was caught kicking Tyler’s cat, I just had blind rage (and Tyler did too) so this song is just very angry and very fitting to the confrontation- especially the line: “maybe he deserves his face in the pavement”

11. Spiteful Intervention- of Montreal

Tyler has a rough couple days, getting his cat to the vet, finally going to the police and finally telling Josh- and yet, Byron doesn’t let up

12. Back Against the Wall- Cage the Elephant

I really associate this song with the part where Byron is banging on Tyler’s door and windows and Tyler can’t do anything but sit in his living room and take it

poor Tyler :(

13. Bones- MsMr

I felt like this song has the feel where Tyler is still in shock of what happened and yet you can tell something big is about to happen. His cat ended being polite to Byron, but this was the final straw and Tyler wants Byron gone

14. No Easy Way Out- Kid Astray

This song kind of sums up Tyler’s headspace about the whole thing- there’s no easy solution and he needs more evidence for a restraining order, but he’s trying to stay positive and tells Josh that it’s all done with

15. People Watching- Air Traffic Controller

The tables have turned and now Tyler is on high alert for Byron while Byron is still stalking him

16. Heavy Dirty Soul- Twenty One Pilots

Obviously, the note left on Tyler’s car compelled me to put this in, but the song fits the tension of the story well too

17. Goner- Twenty One Pilots

Again, the poetry that Byron says while he’s creeping around Tyler and Josh’s room made me include this, but the way Goner slowly gets more and more frantic or desperate reflects the tone of that scene


This is the first thing I thought of when Tyler is under his bed, hiding, and Byron starts towards him AND when Josh comes home AND the whole police chase?? Obviously that scene needed a song that was full of tension and suspense and I thought this one fit really well

19. I Will Possess Your Heart- Death Cab for Cutie

Byron’s journal had all these creepy vibes

20. Safe and Sound- Capital Cities

With Byron locked up, Josh and Tyler are safe again

21. Better Together- Jack Johnson

I felt like this story began and ended with happy joshler, so have another happy song about love and figuring out where to go after something happens- but whatever happens, as long and Tyler and Josh have each other, everything will be okay

Overall, this story was so much more than what I was expecting and left me creeped out in the best way possible. I hope this mix can heighten the experience of reading it and I hope you enjoy listening!
p.s. Always be wary if a neighbor offers you blueberry pie! (done in colored pencil and white acrylic)


Burn it down.

Oct. 9th, 2017 11:04 pm
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1. Oof, I've felt terrible all day. I think most of it is because of choices I made that could have been less painful, and I got a couple things done anyway, but my sleep has been weird lately and I'm feeling it. I keep waking up for various reasons before I've gotten enough sleep - today was sinus pressure, joy of joys - and then I'm too tired to do much but too awake to go back to sleep until like noon, and then I go back to sleep for a couple hours, but it's not the same as getting a full night's sleep at once AND I feel frustrated that I don't feel up to doing much of anything.

Anyway, fingers crossed I actually sleep tonight and that I feel less frustrated tomorrow. If I don't, resting is a big priority.

2. I've only watched the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery because I'm busy and access to the episodes is hard. (THANKS FOR NOTHING CBS. Would it have been so hard to make the episodes to buy on Amazon, at least? Also looking at you, American Gods, although it looks like they have them now.) I'm very sad that there's new Star Trek people are watching and talking about and I'm already so behind! I'm going to try to catch up this week.

3. Because I contain multitudes and can have both Star Trek and Star Wars be big fandom pillars in my life, Last Jedi trailer is a thing!!! Wow. Have more thoughts than anyone needs as I rewatch the trailer.

Star Wars trailer spoilers/speculation. Also original trilogy spoilers. )
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Primary Fanwork created by flames_and_jade

Title: Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives
Creator: Flames_and_Jade
Bands: Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Brief mention (in passing) of a past suicide attempt and Mental health struggles (panic attacks, etc) and a small amount of recreational drug use.
Summary: For once in his life, Pete Wentz did not feel like the biggest freak in the room.

He meets Joe in Borders looking at the week’s new music, and notices when he leaves the faint smell of charred wood. Eventually he meets Patrick and Andy, Joe’s roommates and they become fast friends...and it’s easy enough to ignore the strange occurrences here and there. That is, until one day they’re playing Monopoly and in a fit of frustration Joe lights the board on fire, only to have Patrick summon water from somewhere and extinguish it. That’s how he finds out his new friends--and his crush--are actually Sagani, an ancient race descended from the angels God placed at the four corners of the world to balance the elements and safeguard mankind.

Shenanigans ensue, and Pete and Patrick both develop feelings for the other much to the amusement and (sometimes) annoyance of Joe and Andy. They have to listen to Patrick worry endlessly if Pete likes him, if he’s interested...and most importantly, how to tell him two tiny bits of information he left out about the Sagani.

The Sagani are immortal and have no souls...unless they bind themselves to a mortal.

Posted on AO3, here

Complement Fanwork created by solikethesea:

Title: Art for "Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives"
Format: .png
Bands: fall out boy
Pairings: pete/patrick
Size: 672 kb
Rating: g
Warnings: none
Summary: Art for chapter 13 of flames_and_jade's fanfiction, Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives.
Relevant links: hereon ao3, rebloggable here< on tumblr.
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"Mikey?" Gerard asks, and when he pries open his eyes all he sees are two tiny hands clutched over the side of the bunk. "The fuck?"

"I'm a kid," Mikey says, the hands disappearing from view. "A fucking kid."

"Language." It's an automatic response and Gerard's horrified at himself as he rolls over in his bunk, peering over the side at Mikey. Because, seriously, he's channelling their mom.

Except, this Mikey is tiny. His hair ruffled up in unruly spikes, and his feet bare, a ragged robot band-aid wrapped around one of his toes. Mikey's also staring at Gerard, and the soft roundness of his face does little to disguise his unimpressed look.

- [archiveofourown.org profile] turps' Four

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