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Primary Fanwork created by inlovewithnight:

Title: Chemical Physical Kryptonite
Format: Fic
Bands: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes
Pairings: Pete/Mikey, Gabe/Travie
Size: 10k
Rating: Mature
Warnings: References to drug and alcohol abuse.
And in the end it's love.

AU where nobody's bands work out, but they find their way into each other's lives anyway.

Chemical Physical Kryptonite
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Primary Fanwork (fic) created by Inlovewithnight:

Title: burned, about to burn, or still on fire
Creator: inlovewithnight
Bands: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Cobra Starship
Pairings: Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Canonical mental health issues and drug/alcohol abuse
Summary: Sex, drugs, rock & roll, psychic abilities, and a few shapeshifting dragons.

(Or: Gabe is a dragon, Pete is his treasure, and Mikey is a pyrokinetic who lights his fire. From New Jersey pop-punk to rehab and starting over, they orbit each other.)

burned, about to burn, or still on fire (AO3)

Complement Fanwork created by Syrupwit:

flame upon flame upon flame (fanmix)

Title: flame upon flame upon flame
Complement Creator: syrupwit
Primary Creator: inlovewithnight
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Addiction, substance abuse, mental illness in song lyrics
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Title: blood-red, ink-black

Author: [personal profile] inlovewithnight

Band(s): Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship

Pairing(s): Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta

Word Count: 11,000

Rating: Mature

Warning(s): BDSM, consent issues, prostitution

A Kushiel's Dart AU. Pete is an anguissette, earning out his marque in Valerian House, but it is not his nature to yield.

blood-red, ink-black

Inspired Works


Tower of Skulls by [personal profile] gorgeousnerd


elegant as evening by [personal profile] morganya
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Title: Of All The Nail Salons In All The World
Author: inlovewithnight
Band(s): Midtown, Fall out Boy
Pairing(s): Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta
Word Count:10,500
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): None
Gabe has a thing for super-cute punk types. Pete has a thing for Gabe.

A genderqueer romcom of happy nice time.

Of All The Nail Salons In All The World

Inspired Works

One amazing piece of art by [personal profile] were_duck. (NSFW and completely gorgeous.)

Joyous Noiz by [personal profile] monkey_pie (Incredibly fabulous punk/hardcore/queercore mix! tracklist )
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Title: Hold My Bones

Author: inlovewithnight, lalejandra

Band(s): Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy

Pairing(s): Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta

Word Count: 22,900

Rating: PG

Warning(s): references to child abuse (violence, sexual)

After Pete's summer at boot camp, Pete's parents move their family to New Jersey, where Pete meets Gabe Saporta and Gabe's dad. Contains on-screen panic attacks, discussion and descriptions of child abuse, references to child sexual abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, teenagers exploring their sexuality (mentally and emotionally, not sexually). Upbeat ending with the implication of happy lives.

Hold My Bones by inlovewithnight and lalejandra

Inspired Works


one piece - "on handholding, and other things best friends do" by [ profile] quintenttsy
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Title: patched-up patchwork taped-up tape deck heart

Author: [personal profile] inlovewithnight

Band(s): Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy

Pairing(s): Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz

Word Count: 22,017

Rating: Mature

Warning(s): Offscreen drug addiction and alcohol abuse; recovery from same.

When Gabe hits bottom in 2010, he hits hard. Warner drops Cobra Starship. He goes to rehab. And when he gets out, his father has hired a sober companion to help him get back on his feet: Pete Wentz.

Fic at AO3

Inspired Works


Two pieces of art and a vocal trailer by [personal profile] argentumlupine


VIVA LOVE by [personal profile] lalejandra (Mirror)
A side - The blurred, unsettling feeling

Cobra Starship - One Day Robots Will Cry
The Long Winters - Give Me A Moment
The Bouncing Souls - Born To Lose
Mike Ness - Charmed Life
Marina & the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Ghosts In The Radio
Thursday - How Long Is The Night?

B side - Car-Crash Hearts (Draft 1)

The Smiths - Unloveable
Midtown - Empty Like the Ocean
Some Girls - all my friends are going death
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Bjork - Hyper Ballad
Kent - Velvet
Saves the Day - You Vandal
Give Up The Ghost - Young Hearts Be Free Tonight

Standing So Far Ahead by [personal profile] morganya (Download link, streaming links, and tracklist at mixer's DW)

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