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Primary Fanwork created by gorgeousnerd:

Title: Halcyon
Format: Fanfic
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Mikey/Frank, secondary Ray/Gerard
Size: 12,000 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Story includes references to depression, addiction, and mild gender dysphoria (Mikey is genderqueer).
It started, as it often did, as a favor for Gerard. Gerard was the reason Mikey was a supermodel who wore both suits and dresses for work, and Gerard was the reason that Mikey helped out a budding designer named Frank Iero.

But falling in love...that was all Mikey and Frank, really.

Complement Fanwork created by chibifukurou:

Title: FRNK
Format: Digital Art
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank Iero/Mikey Way
Size: 2 pieces
Rating: G
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Art for Gorgeous Nerd's amazing fic. So much love for Genderqueer Mikey (Emme) Way
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Title: WFOB
Author: [personal profile] gorgeousnerd
Band(s): Fall Out Boy (with background TAI, MCR, Cobra, and Panic)
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick
Word Count: ~10,500 words
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Underage drinking
Pete Wentz, sports anchor at WFOB, has a new mission when Patrick Stump takes the lead anchor chair: Operation Best Friend. But what happens when it turns into a romantic project?


Inspired Works

Tune In, Fall In Love, Get a BFF by [personal profile] lucifuge5
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[personal profile] gorgeousnerd
Title: Well, I Changed For Good
Author: [personal profile] gorgeousnerd
Band: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 32,973 words.
Rating: Explicit.
Warning(s): Temporary main character death, gore/offscreen violence, drug/alcohol addiction, depictions of illness.

2003: Frank's a werewolf that changes when it's too cold outside, and Gerard isn't. But considering Frank saved Gerard when he got partially eaten by starving werewolves, Gerard should be. Gerard, for his part, is too busy getting sober after the loss of his band to remember that the attack actually happened.

2012: They reunite in Southern California while both are struggling to cope. They've both lived lives full of disasters apart; how much of a disaster can it be if they spend some time together before Frank leaves the country?

It's only when a cold snap hits LA that everyone finds out what disaster really is.

Well, I Changed For Good

Inspired Works

Two pieces by [personal profile] chimneythunder (Warning: one piece contains bloody imagery.)

Shake It Off (Run With Wolves) by [personal profile] truthismusic

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