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Primary Fanwork created by turlough:

Title: Those Who Favour Fire
Format: graphic art
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: MCR GSF
Size: Four works in the format 1680x1050
Rating: SFW
Warnings: n/a
Summary: thumbnail of all four works

Those Who Favour Fire

Complement Fanwork created by Turps:

Title: Burn Ever Bright
Format: written story
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Mikey Way/Gerard Way, Ray Toro/Frank Iero, eventual Mikey Way/Gerard Way/Frank Iero/Ray Toro
Size: c.20,000 words
Rating: R
Warnings: Death of an OC
Summary: When Gerard isn't selected by a dragon he thinks his life is over - he's wrong.
It turns out his life has only just started.

Burn Ever Bright

Complement Fanwork created by Tigress33:

Title: Older Than Water, Stubborn As Stone
Format: written story
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: None
Size: c.25,000 words
Rating: M
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Thoughts of Suicide, Implied Drug Abuse, Family Abandonment
Summary: History, Gerard - and every kid like him - had learned from a young age, was important. From the very first moment the first Twain set joined claw and foot on earth, to the seconds leading up to the current moment in time - every bit of it was vital to the success of those Chosen.

Older Than Water, Stubborn As Stone
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Title: Beyond the Dark Horizon.

Author: turps33

Band(s): My Chemical Romance

Pairing(s): Gerard Way/Mikey Way

Word Count: 24117

Rating: R

Warning(s): Incest. Description of violence and injuries.

Summary: A Space AU where lives are saved, music played and a dusty planet becomes home.


Inspired Works


A beautiful graphic by Turlough.
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Title: Blurring the Truth and the Lies

Author: [personal profile] turps

Band(s): My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy

Pairing(s): Pete Wentz/Mikey Way

Word Count: 33368

Rating: PG13

Warning(s): discussion of injuries and mental health issues, allusions to suicidal feelings and impulses.

A story about Mikey Way, the ICU nurse, who ends up taking care of Pete Wentz, front-man of Fall Out Boy, when he has an accident and ends up in Mikey's unit.


Inspired Works


My artist has had personal issues that meant the art couldn't be submitted in time. I hope things get better for them soon ♥


Quickfire Friendships and Lifelong Dreams by [personal profile] annemari

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